Wholesale BRAINIQ Pack 50 BRAINIQ Capsule Tubes


Wholesale BRAINIQ Pack 50 BRAINIQ Capsule Tubes

Helps with Memory, Focus, Energy, Stress & Anxiety

Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD: 25mg of Powerful, Safe Hemp CBD per capsule (zero thc)

Clinically Proven Nootropics: Help with Memory, Focus, Alertness, Concentration 

 Natural Energy: Plant Based Green Tea 

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Wholesale BRAINIQ Pack 50 BRAINIQ Capsule Tubes

CBDBrain IQ’s compound ability to support memory and cognition. Athletes can utilize CBDBrainIQ for its increase in power and production output potential. Also, it’s  capability to heighten the “mind-muscle” connection is of particular interest to those who weight train or bodybuild.

Because of its compounded form and our water-solubel CBDBrainIQ is a better nootropic than other sources because it has higher bioavailability rates. One of our  compounds is naturally present in the brain and can increase acetylcholine levels. Therefore, it is also considered a brain nutrient.

How Does CBDBrainIQ Work?

The water-soluble compounds in CBDBrainIQ crosses the blood-brain barrier to increase CBD, Choline and cognitive performance levels directly in the brain to provide more resources to produce acetylcholine. Once entering the body, CBDBrainIQ provides a highly absorbable form which passes through the blood brain barrier for quicker, better absorption.

CBDBrainIQ contains essential nutrients for phospholipids in the body which goes through a process called acetylation. Acetylation converts essential nutrients into acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system responsible for neuron communication.

During intense exercise, stress, or physical activity low levels of choline can directly impact muscle cell communication. The ingredients in CBDBrainIQ can help increase choline within your body so that your physical performance is at optimal output.


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