Safer, Faster, Better……since our inception we have strived to provide safe, faster absorbing and more powerful, potent CBD products to use for our customers’ overall mental and physical health. With over a decade of research and international partnerships we strive to improve everyday.

Our main goal is to provide you the safest, zero THC products. We double test our products, first the raw material and second the finished product. This is to ensure maximum quality, transparency, and efficacy. What our labels say directly reflect what we put into our products! First and foremost, we believe communication is key which is why all of our products have a QR code that is scannable and takes you to the certificate of analysis (CoA): lab test/results showing concertation levels of CBD, heavy metals, pesticides, cannabinoids, and zero THC.

Second, all wellness CBD products are manufactured with HydroPure, a micelle Nano water -soluble technology for much faster absorption of our products. And of course, when you can absorb more safe, powerful CBD the more benefits you get!

Third, we strive to be better by manufacturing with more CBD than our label claims and providing more information to help you make educated decisions based on the benefits of CBD and doses of CBD. All of our products are made with pure CBD derived from United States grown hemp plants.

Wellness CBD products are trusted by healthcare professionals, Network marketing companies, pharmacies and C-stores nationwide.

Our CBD products are made with both pure Isolate and broad spectrum CBD which means they are all THC free. While some companies choose carrier oils like olive or coconut oil, here at Wellness CBD, we choose hemp seed oil and MCT oil as carriers because they offer heart health benefits with their unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids.

Since broad spectrum CBD also includes other plant compounds from the hemp plant like more cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids, we are maximizing potential benefits. This accumulation of beneficial plant compounds and the positive effect they have on the body is known as the entourage effect.

You can buy products with confidence from a leading CBD company, knowing that we will do our best to provide you with detailed guidance and information about all of our available products when shopping for CBD products online.

Wellness CBD is a leading hemp CBD manufacturer with a diverse product lines including strong CBD oils (with varying mg of CBD), sleep support, workout performance enhancers, advanced absorption topical creams, gourmet gummies, and CBDBRAINIQ.

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Both our online store and mobile stores provide the best, highest quality CBD health products to help introduce you to the world of CBD health. With a full range of product selections, all with superior advanced absorption technologies,  you’re sure to find a great CBD Lifestyle product for your individual, family and Pet needs!

As a leading hemp CBD manufacturer and CBD Lifestyle company, we offer a variety of CBD products for sale that cannot be found anywhere else. CBD wellness also provides a variety of Premium broad spectrum CBD Oils, Gourmet Gummies, Pain and Sports Relief Creams, and CBDBrainIQ a CBD powerful CBD Nootropic.


Boost Your Body’s Natural Immune Response to Stress, Moods, Pain and Inflammation

Daily stress takes a toll on the body and mind, which is why Wellness CBD made it our mission to help you restore balance from within with natural plant based healing. We’re here to help. We’ve developed a line of natural, CBD solutions that help you respond to stress so you can have a better day, day after day!


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